Published On: Fri, Apr 12th, 2013

Curacao Politicians excited that country can borrow again

Jose JardimWILLEMSTAD  - Politicians in Curaçao on Thursday welcomed the news that the country can borrow money again.

In July 2012, Prime Minister Mark Rutte presided at a session of the Cabinet with the Ministers of Curacao, Aruba and St. Maarten (the Kingdom Council of Ministers) and determined that Curaçao does not have a sound budget and was therefore no longer allowed to borrow and no longer allowed to hire new public employees.

This week, the Financial Supervision Committee(CFT), which is appointed to check on the budgets of some of the Dutch Caribbean islands on behalf of the Kingdom,  was set to verify if Curaçao was complying to the budget rules for 2013 and if they are allowed to borrow money again.

Because the requirements of the CFT are not fully met yet, there is still a hiring freeze in the public sector.


The measure was imposed on the then government of Gerrit Schotte who was building up too much debt. That Cabinet took leave in September 2012. Current politicians are happy with the decision of the CFT.

"Now there's room for investments in society, that during recent period has seen particularly nasty decisions," said independent member of Parliament, Glenn Sulvaran who supports the current government of Daniel Hodge.

Retirement age

The so-called transitional government of Daniel Hodge, with professionals as minister instead of politicians, has increased the retirement age in recent months, retrenched health care costs and is about to increase the tax on luxury goods. All this to put the public finances back in order.

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