Published On: Mon, Oct 20th, 2014

Curoil inaugurates its Bunkering Marine Section

Steps to reach strategic objectives

CuroilWILLEMSTAD – Recently, the Curaçao Oil Company (Curoil) inaugurated its new Bunkering Marine Section, which enhances its strategic objectives which reinforces the vision of the company to become the preferred choice between the providers of oil and energy products and services in the Caribbean. With this inauguration, Curoil has demonstrated another achievement as a company that puts priority in its processes and employees.

Two of Curoil’s main strategies, which are to increase sustainable profits and enhance efficiency in their processes, are central at the inauguration of this new section. The international market, of which bunkering is a part of, is extremely important of Curoil. No less than 55% of the company’s annual revenue comes from this market. To be competitive and confront the developments on the international market, ample knowledge of the market, infrastructure and advanced logistics, are essential. With a new Marine Section, which consists of three vessels with own crew, whom are dedicated to planning of Curoil’s operations of Bunkering, the oil company will be able to guarantee an optimal operation and maintain a short delivery time, which is essential in this market.

During the recent inauguration, Curoil presented the three vessels, which will deliver the oil products in Curaçao’s harbor, in Bonaire, offshore Curoil2Curaçao and Aruba and also at Aruba’s port.

Curoil 1

This is a barge, which is not self-propelled. This means that a tugboat will take this barge from one point to another. This barge is only used to transport clean products like gasoline, diesel and Jet A1 (for aircraft). This barge has a total capacity of 2600 m3. Curoil uses this barge to transport these three products to Bonaire. Curoil also uses this barge to deliver diesel offshore to the oilrigs visiting Curaçao.

Curoil 2

This is a self-propelled barge has a capacity of 400 m3 and is used to deliver bunkering in the harbor, Bullenbaai and Fuikbaai.

Zeta 1

Curoil charters the barge Zeta 1 to do offshore bunkering operations in Curaçao and Aruba. This barge has a capacity of 6650 m3.

With great satisfaction and with an eye to the future, where Curoil will continue to reap more success, the company officially inaugurated its Marine Section, which will be in charge of the logistics of the barges, but also the crew of Curoil 1 and Curoil 2.

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