Published On: Thu, Apr 21st, 2016

Democratic dialogue process for the tourism industry

DD-3(L)WILLEMSTAD – The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) initiated a democratic dialogue process for the tourism industry to reach a marketing strategy for the year 2017. To execute this trajectory, the CTB received assistance from the UNDP Curaçao, which will guide the process applying to democratic dialogue model.

An introductory session was held on April 20 to initiate the process. During this session Martin Copeland gave a presentation. He’s a specialist in the field of airlift with experience in aspects such as analysis and route planning, strategic plans formulation and marketing. Copeland emphasized on perspectives for Curaçao in the field of airlift, the aspirations of growth in this field and other factors that can influence airlift.

Following Copeland’s presentation, Brenda Benjamin of CTB’s Strategy and Planning Department gave information about the tourists that visit the island and the various markets. Benjamin gave detailed information about the number of tourists that have visited the island in the past 5 years, the type of accommodation, how much money they have spent, how much it costs to bring each tourist from the various markets where Curaçao is being promoted and how much the island is generating based on what the tourist is spending when he or she is here.

Raynel Martis together with Carl Camelia and Elton Villarreal of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Curaçao gave an explanation on the UNDP’s democratic dialogue concept. This concept was established after a group of about 20 local people followed an intensive training program on the democratic dialogue methodology, which was developed by the UNDP. The UNDP’s democratic dialogue team is instrumental in the capacity development process. Furthermore the team is responsible for the coordination of the process in Curaçao. This concept was used in the dialogue with the community to reach a National Development Plan (NDP), which resulted in an important project for named Capable Curaçao: include and inspire people! The generated input from this democratic dialogue will be incorporated in the final version of the National Development Plan.

On the two following dates, the groups will continue to discuss with the assistance of the UNDP facilitators. The groups will receive 4 different questions, which will be discussed in each group. These discussions will result in priority points, which were chosen democratically by everyone present. CTB will use this information to formulate the policy for 2017. The same democratic dialogue session will take place on two different dates, April 21 and 25.  Those interested, who in their daily jobs have to do with the tourism industry, can participate in these sessions. It is still possible to register before April 25. The sessions will be from 5:30 till 9:00 pm at Hilton Curaçao. Visit to register.

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