Published On: Mon, Feb 2nd, 2015

Doubt motives establishment Oil and Gas Company

Parliament1WILLEMSTAD – The parliament had the opportunity today to debate on the recently established Curaçao Oil and Gas Company. Members of the opposition parties were very fierce against the government, especially the leader of the MFK faction, Gerrit Schotte and the Independent Member of Parliament, Omayra Leeflang.

“The only reason the government quickly established the Curaçao Oil and Gas Company, without sending the oil ordinance first to parliament, is because they want to sign contracts with exploration companies without disclosure,” said Schotte during the parliamentary debate this morning.

“Premier Ivar Asjes has other interests with the natural resources of the island.”

The Independent Member of Parliament, Omayra Leeflang stated, during her dissertation, that the meeting was clearly a distraction.

Leeflang states that the discussion on the exploration for oil and gas is indeed a soap opera aimed to take attention away from the actual problems of the island.

In this context Leeflang quoted from an interview with the expert John Wright on the Curaçao Chronicle website. In this exclusive interview, the expert said that there is no technical basis to assume that the soil of the island is rich in natural resources such as oil and gas. He also indicates, says Leeflang that it is nonsense that the Netherlands has been lurking for years to steal the oil and gas of Curaçao. There is no indication that contracts are for explorations and drillings or that the drill ships are here for this purpose.

Leeflang does fear that the petroleum ordinance that still needs to be sent to parliament is clearly a distraction. She comes to that conclusion after having been informed that the statutes of the company offer the opportunity to engage in the same activities as the public company Curaçao Oil Refinery (RdK).

According to Leeflang, the Oil and Gas Company can eventually take over all activities of RdK, including the management of transshipment, COT, at Bullenbaai. She sketched a picture that Curaçao has no entity working on an energy policy. The MP also wants to know from the government what the energy policy is. Without this policy, and with a new oil company as the one recently established, they can do whatever they want and with bad intentions. “It’s good fishing in troubled,” said the Independent MP.

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