Published On: Thu, Sep 4th, 2014

Dutch Minister proposes Kingdom Law to force Curaçao to participate with Sanctions Ordinance

Timmermans-AsjesWILLEMSTAD – The Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Frans Timmermans has presented a Kingdom Law proposal to the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament, to force Curaçao to accept the amendments made in the Sanctions Law. These amendments indicate that Curaçao will automatically agree on sanctions imposed by the European Union on countries, groups or individuals that participate in terrorism for example.

Curaçao automatically agrees with sanctions imposed by the United Nations, but the Parliament refused to do the same with sanctions imposed by the European Union.

This decision of the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs follows the rejection of the ordinance by the Parliament of Curaçao. The bill was rejected with 12 votes against and 9 votes in favor. The Pueblo Soberano (PS) and opposition parties MFK and MAN voted against the bill proposal. The coalition parties PAIS, PNP, Independent MP Glenn Sulvaran and opposition party PAR voted in favor.

In a letter to the Parliaments of the Netherlands, Sint Maarten and Aruba, the Curaçao MPs Gerrit Schotte and Hensly Koeiman indicated that the Kingdom Council of Ministers cannot force Curacao to accept the amendments in the Sanctions Ordinance.

If this proposal is accepted by the Dutch Parliament, Curaçao will be forced to accept the amendments in the Sanctions Ordinance.

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