Published On: Tue, Aug 13th, 2013

Extra assistance in Wiels’ case

Helmin WielsWILLEMSTAD –  The Large-scale Investigation Team (TGO) which is responsible for the investigation into the murder of the former political leader, Helmin Wiels is temporarily expanded. This was confirmed by the police spokesman Reginald Huggins. It's going to be a temporary small extension. These people are included in the team to carry out certain activities and once they complete their assignment, they will leave the team again,” Huggins explained.

The morning newspaper Vigilante wrote yesterday that those who came to assist are experts from the Netherlands who have experience in interrogating terrorists. They will be interrogating two suspects who are now in custody – L.L.F. better known as 'Pretu' and the woman M.A.B., who was arrested earlier this month– this shows that there are three levels in the so-called Wiels murder.

The first level, according to the newspaper, consists of the killers of Helmin Wiels. The the second level could consist of mediators between the first and the third level. These would include Raoul Martinez (‘Bolle’) who gave the order to rent the car, which was used by the perpetrators after the murder. On the third level there are the clients.

According to the local newspaper, there are four clients: two politicians and two businessmen. Huggins would not comment on the claims of the newspaper: “I do not know anything.” Not only does the newspaper speak about different levels and the organization behind the assassination, they also write that there were more assassinations of politicians planned. Huggins does not confirm this.

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