Published On: Tue, May 21st, 2013

Extra:’DAE considering legal steps against the Government’

Two letters shows that INAC did consult but Curacao did not answer

DAEWILLEMSTAD -  Information received by the Curacao newspaper, EXTRA indicates that the aviation company DAE is seriously considering legal steps against the civil aviation authority and the Government of Curacao. There are two letters, one dated April 2012 and another of January 2013 en which the Venezuelan authorities have asked the Curacao authorities to confirm the conditions of DAE’s aircrafts, but in one way or the other did not happen.

EXTRA understood that DAE kept vigil on which steps the Government will take, since they consider that it was the fault of the Curacao aviation authorities which brought DAE into this current situation.

We understood that for DAE, the moment that INAC has sent those two letters it was the responsibility of the authorities to answer. There are even documents that can prove that the inspector has done the inspection requested by INAC, it was documented and informed to the superiors that there are no problems with safety of the DAE aircrafts. But in one way or the other this information has never reached Venezuela. The aviation agreement indicates that after consulting, the other party can make its decision and as such INAC made the decision after it consulted with Curacao but has not receive answer.

Meanwhile the passengers continued to get frustrated even so that the Venezuelan Consul had to intervene each and every time again. It’s seems as though DAE will take legal steps. Since the moment that INAC has suspended all the DAE’s operations to Venezuela, the company has been in a difficult situation.

According to the article in EXTRA, DAE had 15 inspections performed on the aircrafts. Nevertheless none of them showed that there were any danger for the passengers.

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