Published On: Fri, Feb 20th, 2015

Gerrit Schotte had a ‘mole’ in the Secret Service

Gerrit-SchotteWILLEMSTAD – According to a report by the Persbureau Curaçao (Press Office), Gerrit Schotte had, even before establishing his political party Movementu Futuro Korsou (MFK), access to confidential data from the Secret Service Netherlands Antilles (VNA), which later became the VDC.

This is according to a statement from the VDC to the Public Prosecutor (OM), which is in possession of the Press Office.

Schotte’s contact within the VNA was agent Lawrence Pietersz, head of the Department of Lawrence-PieterszExternal and Internal Security. He communicated with MFK comrade George Jamaloodin (former Minister of Finance) and provided him with information about police investigations, screening results and the temporary rental of a building owned by Jamaloodin to the secret service.

On September 16, 2010 agent Lawrence traveled without the knowledge of the VNA to St. Maarten for a meeting with Gerrit Schotte, George Jamaloodin Theo Heyliger and Italian mafia boss Francesco Corallo. His ticket was paid by the MFK. Lawrence could be blackmailed because he borrowed a large sum from Jamaloodin.

That trip did not go unnoticed, and four days later Pietersz was ordered, by the then Minister of Justice, Magali Jacoba, a refusal of access to the VNA. After October 10, 2010 Gerrit Schotte came to power and suspended the head of the VDC, the successor to the VNA.

In December of that year Prime Minister Schotte was trying to undo Pietersz’ ban using a government decree. Implementation thereof was blocked by Mr. Hans de Boer of VDC’s supervisory committee. Whereupon Pietersz was the quietly transferred to Customs.

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