Published On: Wed, Sep 13th, 2017

Governor: “Government is optimistic about the future”

21740901_1349109251853329_5651649087249774396_oWILLEMSTAD - “Although the Cabinet-Rhuggenaath is looking forward to the future with great optimism, we must also focus on the present.” This is according to Her Excellency Governor Lucille George-Wout yesterday during her speech in honor of the opening of the new parliamentary year.

“There is no economic growth to generate revenue for the state treasury and the current socioeconomic situation requires immediate attention.”

Despite the challenges, the government is devoting a policy that will actually contribute to the progress of Curaçao, the governor said. "The development and happiness of man are anchored in a common vision of all ministers and are central to the government program 2017-2021 'Realisando Kòrsou su máksimo potential'." (Realizing Curaçao’s maximum potential).

In order to realize this vision, the government has established a strategic goal. First of all, the government knows21765218_1349109375186650_3315936703715603504_n that it cannot achieve the goals for the well-being and development of the community alone. “Therefore, the government wants to support and stimulate active citizenship participation and to form a strong partnership with partners from different sectors,” said the governor during her speech.

“To the residents, the notion will be cultivated that everyone has the ability to initiate positive development and can help transform Curaçao into a country where trust, security, innovation, and prosperity prevail. A well-educated and informed community that contributes to the sustainable development of themselves and future generations. There is a huge need to invest in human development, from childhood to old age, in order to form citizens who think progressively and innovatively and act and who can face the vicious circle of poverty and the unfair distribution of wealth.”

The number of families living in poverty is a major source of concern for the current government. Under the aegis of the Ministry of General Affairs, an emergency plan has therefore been formulated. The neighborhoods are the main instrument for community development; Intensive cooperation will implement a program to combat poverty in an integral and sustainable manner. “The government is aware that it needs to consider a better approach if it wishes better results than in the past,” said the governor, who further indicated that various initiatives and activities will be organized by various ministries, including in the framework for the prevention of crime, health, and social development.

Parliament will now have a chance to debate on the government’s program. The Members of Parliament will also debate on the budget and hopefully approve this for the government to implement its plans.

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