Published On: Fri, Jan 4th, 2013

Guyana requests assistance from Interpol to recuperate gold bars

WILLEMSTAD – Authorities of the Ministry of Mining in Guyana are not receiving any information nor cooperation from the local authorities on the gold heist case. The crew of the vessel Summer Bliss which docked in Curacao on November 30, 2012 were robbed at gunpoint during the night hours. The robbers stole 79 gold bars with a value of 11.5 million dollars.

Meanwhile local authorities have arrested 7 suspect of which one was later released. These suspects are currently being interrogated.

The Ministry of Mining in Guyanan is very interested in recuperating these gold bars after they have heard that the police have confiscated two of these bars at a local jewelry located in Otrabanda, Willemstad. They have also heard that other bars were confiscated in Miami. Authorities of the Ministries are interested in getting back this gold but are complaining that the Curacao police is only interesting in solving the case.

In this case the cardinal question is if the police solves this case, who will keep the gold. At this moment there is no clarity if the gold originated from Guyana or Suriname because in Suriname they also mine gold. As last resource, the authorities in Guyana have sought assistance from Interpol to get prove that the gold stolen in Curacao originates from Guyana. If this is the case then they expect that the Curacao authorities will return back the gold.

Guyana is interested in determining if the crew from the vessel have taken the gold from Guyana, the authorities also want to know who they are and where did they take the gold from. A police authority in Guyana declared to the newspaper Demerara that Interpol has sent a few documents to them and has requested additional information from the police in Guyana.

Up until now this case is practically “paralyzed” because Interpol cannot give assistance except for administrative support.

According to the official in Guyana; “The people out there (meaning the Curacao police) do not want to give out much information but we are trying to see how much we could get…”

Since the news broke out on the gold heist in Curacao, Guyana has requested assistance from the Interpol, but since the arrest of the 7 suspects last week, the authorities have not requested information from Interpol or vice versa.

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