Published On: Tue, Oct 17th, 2017

GZE Statement about the Principles of Labor Force Utilization in Curaçao

Guangdong ZhenrongWILLEMSTAD - We take this opportunity to clarify Guangdong Zhenrong Energy’s principle about the utilization of local labor force during the project execution in Curaçao. This is to address the concern of the workers, contractors, and labor unions, etc., towards GZE’s practices. As specified in the HoA signed on November 19 last year, GZE shall maximize the workforce utilization prior to bringing in workforce from outside of Curaçao. At a GZE sponsored expanded meeting in last December with the workers in Renaissance Hotel, GZE made solemn commitment accordingly. We’d like to reiterate our commitment to the work forces and peoples of Curaçao more specific as below:

 GZE will respect the current relationship and service areas of the contractors in Curaçao and do his best to sustain the continuity;

 GZE will respect the current employment contract of the refinery workers with PDVSA, and will do his best to offer at equal or better level;

 GZE will provide training program ahead of the works to allow for the opportunities of local work force to fit the project needs to maximum extent;

 GZE will welcome all overseas Curaçao people to come back to serve their country with the skills and talent GZE will also, from time to time, meet with Curacao people including the representatives of the contractors, labor unions, the communities, the relevant government officials to listen to their concerns and suggestions, and will do his best to accommodate. We also sincerely invite letters, emails, phone calls, etc., to collect the message from the Curaçao people. GZE’s local company, Curaçao Energy Group, B.V. (CEG), is at the last step of the government approval process. Once established, CEG will have designated people handling such communications.

GZE’s goal in Curaçao is to grow together with the Curacao economy and Curacao people, so as to achieve the “Win-Win” objective. We clearly recognize, respect, and appreciate most the key to success, i.e., the local people’s support. All our practices will be focused around this key factor and will not take any detour.

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