Published On: Thu, Dec 19th, 2013

Half million guilders for murder Helmin Wiels

Helmin-WielsHelmin-WielsWILLEMSTAD - 500,000 guilders were paid for the murder of the political leader and Member of Parliament, Helmin Wiels. This was revealed yesterday during the pro forma session, or the pre-trial in the case 'Magnus'.

It became also clear yesterday that Elvis Kuwas, aka Monster, is considered as the main suspect in the shooting of the leader of Pueblo Soberano.

Kuwas, better known as 'Monster', is not only a suspect in the murder of Wiels, but also for the murder of Conception and Arnaud. Besides 'Monster', three other defendants were also in the courtroom on trial for the murder, or involvement in the assassination of the leader of PS. These are Dangelo F. Damascus, Burney C. A. Fonseca and Carlos S. Peter.

Besides involvement in the murder of Wiels, Damascus is also suspected of complicity in murder or manslaughter of 'Bolle' and having three firearms in his possession.

Other interesting details were presented during the pro forma session. It turns out that Fonseca and Luigi Florentina, alias Pretu, who in September committed suicide in his cell in Barber, organized the murder of Helmin Wiels together. Fonseca also was also in charge of getting the weapon which was used by ‘Monster’ to kill Wiels.

Who are the masterminds behind the murder was not disclosed, but the prosecuting officer indicated that this investigation is still in progress. 'Monster' is suspected of shooting and Wiels and there are enough incriminating evidence against him, according to prosecutor Gert Rip. “There is plenty of legal and convincing evidence that he shot at Wiels.”According to Prosecutor Rip, Kuwas himself declared this to three others.

'Bolle' – who was shot in the head and then thrown into the water by Damascus - was the driver of the car, which was used by the gunman, Kuwas and Damascus to commit their crime.

Fonseca, better known as "Nini" and that in his district, Koraalspecht, known as 'The Godfather', received together with Pretu, half a million guilders for the murder. The gunman ‘Monster’ received 100.000 guilders.

“The investigation against Damascus, Fonseca and Peter is still ongoing,” Mr. Rip said. The investigation also focuses on other suspects and the actual ‘brains’ behind the murder. “The investigation will end when all suspects are brought before the court.”

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