Published On: Thu, Aug 13th, 2015

Inventory Taamskliniek also bought by Adventist Hospital

Taams ClinicWILLEMSTAD - The Social Insurance Bank (SVB) will see whether the remaining debt of the Taams Clinic can be recovered from the former directors of the clinic.

All the inventory of the former Taams Clinic was sold to the Adventist Hospital. That happened during an auction organized the SVB and the Tax Collector.

Earlier the Advent had already bought the buildings of the clinic during an auction. At the auction this week, which took place in one of the buildings of the clinic at the Wararaweg, the representative of the Adventist Hospital was the only one who made an offer. Since the Advent was the only one present, the inventory for the minimum bid of 800,000 guilders was sold.

The amount of 800,000 guilders was determined by the SVB and the Tax Collector on the basis of the outstanding debt of the clinic. The total debt of the clinic to the tax collector is higher than the amount requested.

Now that the auction is over, the SVB faces a residual debt. In the next few days, the team that deals with collecting, will evaluate which steps they will take. An employee of the SVB stated that there is a demand at the curator. The SVB will see whether that demand will produce something with which to settle the remaining debt.

Former director of the Taams Clinic, Earl Esseboom did not give a reaction after the auction. He has now moved on to another location with his medical practice. There he is active with other colleagues who also worked at the Taams Clinic.

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