Published On: Mon, Jun 22nd, 2015

Judge convinces government and residents to talk about oil refinery

Stop-Isla-nowWILLEMSTAD – The government, environmental groups and residents are working together against the nuisance of pollution caused by the oil refinery Isla and the BOO, which is the power plant on the refinery grounds. That is the outcome of the consultations with Judge Peter van Schendel during the recent lawsuit. What no one was able to do in fifteen years, the court did, namely that the parties will talk to each other.

Also, there must be clarity about the composition and the origin of the green substance that was found on fences, air conditioners and other places in areas that are under the smoke of the refinery. This investigation should be concluded within two months. This was one of the results of the talks between the government, the environmental organization SMOC and the Clean Air Everywhere (CAE).

Another demand in the lawsuit was to conduct air measurements for heavy metals such as vanadium and nickel.

Further demands are: an investigation into the health complaints and the causes thereof; Research and advice on what residents and visitors should do to prevent health problems and good information about the situation; That the government indicates what precautions can be taken to prevent or mitigate harm to the health; That the government removes or at least pay for the cost of removing the green substance.

The foundations want to receive a report on the progress of the above mentioned demands within two months.

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