Published On: Thu, Mar 21st, 2013

Kingdom Government may intervene in refinery

Oil RefineryWILLEMSTAD – The Kingdom Government is legally empowered to intervene at the serious pollution caused by the Isla refinery. This is according to professor of administrative law, Herman Bröring during the television program Zembla, which will be broadcasted tonight in the Netherlands.

According to Bröring, there is a  question of maladministration on Curaçao because the refinery does not comply with environmental laws which is unprotected by the Curaçao government. "There is a visible harm to the environment and the health of the people. Not occasionally, but structurally," said Bröring.

Minister of Health, Environment and Nature, Dr. Ben Whiteman asked The Hague for help. He says in ZEMBLA: "The Netherlands must assist and support our government in its efforts to get things better. That way we can get out of trouble." Minister Ronald Plasterk of Kingdom Relations says through his spokesman that Curacao is responsible for its internal affairs. The environmental permit for the refinery is obsolete and should be renewed. The emission standards have been exceeded significantly now for decades, as determined by the Curaçao government. If this happens in the Netherlands, the refinery must close immediately. There is no environmental inspection, according to ZEMBLA. 'Zembla': Choking in the Paradise, is broadcasted at ten past four (Curacao time) on Netherlands 2.

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