Published On: Wed, Aug 14th, 2013

Konket: ‘Is Minister Palm illegal in this Government?’

Armin KonketWILLEMSTAD – The member of Parliament for the opposition party PAR, Armin Konket has launched a bomb  in Parliament when he asked if the Minister of Economic Development, Stanley Lamp has passed the screening. If it is not so then, according to the PAR MP, the formateur has made a big mistaken somewhere.

Mr. Konket said that he has doubts about the screening because it was the Minister himself who admitted that he offered the sales of lottery through the SMS system, which according to the Prime Minister is an illegal practice. The Prime Minister stated on numerous times that the Government has never granted permit for this type of business. Konket has sent a letter to the Prime Minister reminding him the motives he used to explain why the sale of lottery through the SMS system is illegal (Curacao Chronicle has covered this topic extensively).

Meanwhile it became clear that the intellectual author and the first to offer this service, which is considered by the Prime Minister as illegal and immoral, is a current Minister in the Asjes Cabinet, Minister Stanley Palm.  Minister Palm has confirmed this recently. In other words, he was doing the same as Robbie’s Lottery. Palm did also declare that when he was selling this type of lottery, he did it all legally. However, this does not coincide with Asjes’ policy, who repeatedly stated that this practice is illegal and immoral. Palm indicated that he understands Asjes’ stand on this type of business.

Analyzing all this, Konket came to the conclusion that the Stanley Palm’s screening was not complete. “If this is the case then we have to talk about an omission from the formateur, Glenn Camelia. If the formateur did not have any knowledge of this, Minister Palm had the obligation to bring forth his involvement with the sale of lottery through the SMS system,” according to Konket.

Image: Armin Konket

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