Published On: Thu, Jul 9th, 2015

Lawyer of accused in Curacao money laundering case: “The whole island knew what this family did”

Raid3WILLEMSTAD, AMSTERDAM - Day after the raid held in different places in Curacao, the Netherlands and the United States more information has surfaced about the six people arrested. For example, the suspect arrested in Amsterdam, Ori Z., was set free today.

This was confirmed by his lawyer Ronnie Eisenmann to the Dutch magazine Quote.

According to a neighbor of the Buitenveldert resident Ori were as many as 18 men police officers were present to take the 41-year-old Dutchman born in Curaçao in custody. Is he a dangerous criminal? His lawyer Ronnie Eisenmann sure does not know. “It was with great fanfare, but my client plays little or no role in this matter. He was interrogated for three days, issued a full statement and was then set free without any restrictions.”

A PC, a phone and documents were confiscated from the sixty-square-meter apartment in Amsterdam. All superfluous believes Eisenmann, whose client took note "with dismay" of the reports about the eminent family Grynsztein, who is suspected of laundering € 150 million.

“My client performed a few odd jobs here in the Netherlands, such as opening and managing a bank account. This account was closed in December already, so this whole story is not about him,” continues Eisenmann, which reveals that Ori Z. is a nephew of the 78-year-old paterfamilias Nachman Grynsztein. The Dutchman, who has built a business empire under the name of Monterrey Group, is also one of a total of six persons arrested on Monday by the Public Prosecutor in Curaçap. But Eisenmann also knows that Nachman has been released, because of his age.

Of the Grynsztein family it appears that next to Nachman, only his eldest son Isaac (49) was arrested. "He's detained in America, waiting for extradition to the Netherlands, said Eisenmann. The other Grynsztein brothers, Omer and Lazaro, have remained unaffected - for now. “I can imagine that the prosecution is looking at them. Or the timing of the raid was wrong? "An employee of Ko-ach, the Lazaro’s lingerie trade, reported to Quote on Wednesday that Grynsztein are on family vacation.

The other three arrested persons are locals who perform work within the Grynsztein empire. Among them is most likely the 31-year-old Venezuelan Luis Adolfo Gonzales Zwanenburg, the front man of a Caribbean telecommunications company.

If justice has a strong case against the arrested persons is another matter. According to Eisenmann, unlike the OM states, the Grynsztein family, are indeed selling lingerie. Also, the legal councilor indicates that he has not seen any documents showing that the family is involved in other practices. Selling US dollars to Venezuelans is prohibited. “What is the criminal component? The whole island knew what this family did. Venezuelans are not allowed to have foreign money, so they come to Curaçao to take dollars in cash.”

“My client has never had the impression that something illegal was going on. He's just a cousin who was helping his uncle, and occasionally allowed to sleep at his family’s house on the island.”

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