Published On: Mon, Jun 13th, 2016

Majority parliamentary factions stay away from information meeting Governor

meeting electionsWILLEMSTAD – At a meeting called by the Governor of Curaçao Lucille George-Wout, only the parliamentary factions of the parties PAIS, PNP, PAR and the independent MP Omayra Leeflang were present. The factions of Pueblo Soberano (PS), MAN, MFK and Independent MPs Glenn Sulvaran and Marilyn Moses did not show up for this informational meeting about the upcoming elections.

The Governor’s invitation caused quite a stir in recent day. The opposition party MFK had a lot of questions about the capacity in which the Governor had sent the invitation to the parties that have representation in parliament. MFK claimed that the governor, as representative of the Kingdom, has absolutely nothing to say about the elections. That is the reason why the party did not attend.

During the meeting the Governor explained that she had invited the factions in her capacity as a member of the community and also as head of the government. The aim was to inform all the factions the three laws that will play a role in the coming period before the election, on election day and in the formation of a new government.

Former Prime Minister Stanley Betrian spoke about the Ordinance concerning integrity of the candidate ministers. This ordinance regulates the screening of candidates for a post as minister in the newly formed government. The president of the Supreme Electoral Committee Raymond Pacheco spoke about the Electoral Regulations and the Ordinance Finance Political Groups.

The President of Parliament Marcoline Franco was also invited. He was very pleased with the meeting. He stated that there is now clarity about the responsibility each party has to safeguard democracy. The parties also have the responsibility to screen the candidates they place on the list. Franco also welcomed the fact that they had the opportunity to ask questions. It is important that all parties abide by the laws that apply to the election, he said.

Normally meetings with the governor are not public. But during the discussions this morning, which was also attended by numerous ministers from the cabinet Whiteman II, the Governor said that the information that had come forward could be freely shared.

Several political leaders did indicate that they are anxious to share this with their party members and also the public in general.

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