Published On: Tue, May 15th, 2018

Meeting between Prime Minister Rhuggenaath and ConocoPhillips

Rhuggenaath2WILLEMSTAD - Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath, during a meeting this morning with the American company ConocoPhillips, stated that his government’s primary responsibility is the welfare of the people. For this reason, the dialogue between the two parties was to make sure that the supply of oil derived products could continue without any interference. More important is that the refinery should continue operating to safeguard jobs especially for the families who depend on it for their income. This is the reason why Curoil and Curaçao Refinery have contacted the representatives of ConocoPhillips to continue the discussions initiated by Prime Minister Rhuggenaath.

The meeting with ConocoPhillips is part of the tireless effort to mitigate the effects of the seizure imposed by the American company on PDVSA’s assets in Curaçao. Contact has been made with ConocoPhillips right after the seizure. The authorities have also analyzed the possible consequences for the economy of the island. The government will not spare any effort and is working diligently on limiting these consequences.

The Prime Minister has asked the companies Curoil, Aqualectra and Curaçao Refinery to use this opportunity to find a solution that is in the best interest of the island. Meanwhile, the three companies and the government are waiting for a court ruling in their case against ConocoPhillips.

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