Published On: Wed, Dec 11th, 2013

Minister Van der Horst booed by civil servants

Union meetingWILLEMSTAD - The civil servants who were present at the morning meeting of the seven unions have clearly stated that they do not accept the plans of the government. The meeting was scheduled for 11:00, half an hour before the meeting would end, and Minister Etienne van der Horst (Government Service) walked in the hall in which there were about 1,500 employees.

The Minister wanted to explain the plans of the government explain, but there was almost no chance for him to do so. The employees shouted at the minister and did not accept his explanation.

Van der Horst said that he himself is a civil servant and understands the situation of the people. “We are in a tough financial situation and we must act now to put our economy back on track.” Earlier, the Minister indicated that he wants to freeze pay raise for two years, but now he’s saying something else. Van der Horst now said that he wants to halve the pay raise for an indefinite time. The employees did not accept this.

One of the employees asked the Minister whether he needs a slap sometimes. "Now you say something different? Take the example of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, who rides his bicycle to work. Here on Curacao it seems like a parade when the Ministers are brought to work. Above all, we have also been given financial instructions by the Kingdom Council of Ministers. Minister van der Horst, you have to google the word Minister so you can see what the work entails,” one of the employees said. The civil servants did not accept the answers of Minister Van der Horst and indicated that they will march to Fort Amsterdam if necessary.

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