Published On: Thu, Mar 14th, 2013

Ministry of Foreign Affairs investigating misuse of diplomatic passports

Dutch passportWILLEMSTAD – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BUZA) of the Dutch Kingdom started an investigation on the misuse of diplomatic passports in Curacao. BUZA has received information that these passports are being used for private and political purposes.

Members of the Government and Parliament are entitled to receive a diplomatic passport through the Cabinet of the Governor. The passport is solely for work travels, either for the Government or for Parliament.

Lately, BUZA was informed that these passports were used for private and leisure travels to e.g. Santo Domingo, Colombia, Haiti, U.S. (Miami) and even Venezuela.

One of the circulating versions is that there is one member of parliament who has used this diplomatic passport to attend a funeral last week but as part of the delegation of another country. “This is not acceptable”, according to will informed sources. According to these sources, if it is true that there is misuse of these diplomatic passports than these will be taken away and cannot be used anymore.

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