Published On: Wed, Apr 15th, 2015

‘Mismanagement or not!’ central during parliamentary debate

GovernmentSchotteWILLEMSTAD - The debate on the adoption of the annual report for 2011 led to a discussion about the question whether in the year in question whether there had been mismanagement or not by the government led by Gerrit Schotte.

MP for the opposition party MFK, which was the ruling party in 2011, Amerigo Thode challenged the coalition parties to vote against the financial statements if they believe that there was mismanagement. But the leader of the coalition party PAIS, Alex Rosaria suggested in turn that there had been mismanagement and he will gladly vote to adopt this mismanagement.

The financial statements for 2010, which was adopted a few weeks back by parliament had a deficit of 51.2 million guilders. The year 2011 was based on an even higher deficit of 166.3 million guilders, without the approval of the Court of Audit and Government Accountants’ Bureau (SOAB).

There were MPs who even asked how it is possible that the deficit could have been that high in just one year after the Netherlands had paid most of the country’s debts.

The MFK MP dismissed every possible criticism of the policy pursued by Schotte’s government. He noted in turn that that the government inherited numerous problems from the Island Territory of Curaçao, because there had been a financial chaos.

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