Published On: Thu, Aug 7th, 2014

‘Monster’ under oath: “I did not kill anyone”

Court houseWILLEMSTAD - The 37-year-old Elvis 'Monster' Kuwas who is suspected to have shot the politician Helmin Wiels dead, said today, under oath, that he was not the shooter. "I did not kill anyone, also I appeal to my right to remain silent.”

On the fourth day of the trial of the case Magnus, Burney 'Nini' Fonseca was tried. He would have been the link between the intellectual instigators and perpetrators of the murder. His lawyer, Marije Vaders wanted Monster as witness. The suspect was placed, with two fingers in the air, under oath.

Monster was clear on the question asked by the public prosecutor Gert Rip if he had killed Helmin Wiels. After his negative response, Rip said that he had the feeling that Monster knew all the questions before his lawyer even asked him. “You feel way too much,” Monster responded.

Vaders asked Monster about his bond with Fonseca, her client, who has been behind bars for eleven months now. Monster indicated that he knew him from the Koraalspecht neighborhood and that they would greet each other from time to time but they never really had a conversation. They did talk to each other today in court.

Vaders also wanted to know how the hearing went on January 31of this year, where two detectives and prosecutor Rip interrogated Monster without a lawyer present. The motive for him to still admit his guilt was because of his wife, whose life was threatened.  Supposedly, she received money to travel to the Netherlands and be safe there with her three children. Vaders: “Why did you accept that deal?” Monster replied: “Who doesn’t want their wife to go home?”

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