Published On: Fri, May 24th, 2013

Navarro: “I’m not the one to blame for Wiels’ death’

Nelson NavarroWILLEMSTAD – Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels decided whether he wanted bodyguards or not. That is what Minister Nelson Navarro (Justice) said during the weekly press conference of the Council of Ministers. Navarro denies that he or Prime Minister Daniel Hodge had control over the monitoring of Wiels.

"Wiels decided that he wanted bodyguards and that was agreed with the police who arranged security  since October last year," said Navarro. On the day of his death, Sunday, May 5, Wiels had indicated himself that he did not want bodyguards with him. Wiels' (ex) partner, Betty da Fonte, said in De Telegraaf on Saturday that the party leader had no security for weeks and it is because Pueblo Soberano had put a stop to it. However she said in Extra on Monday that the Dutch newspaper had twisted her words.

In another local newspaper, the reporters insinuated that it was Minister Navarro and Prime Minister Daniel Hodge who did arrange for the security of Helmin Wiels. Navarro said that the newspaper needs to be cautious because it could appear as if it was his and Mr. Hodge’s fault that Wiels was not protected. That could be dangerous since there are many fanatics of Mr. Wiels who could try to revenge the death of their leader.


According to Navarro's the investigation into the murder of Wiels is going well. "The investigation team is optimistic and is confident that the culprit will be found." Therefore, there is no reward according to the minister. So far no one has been charged with the murder. Two brothers were arrested shortly after the murder, because they have posted a threatening video on youtube saying that Wiels was the first of a series of murders. Initially the brothers were suspects of the murder of Wiels, but that has since been changed threat into a terrorist crime.

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