Published On: Wed, Feb 19th, 2014

New allegations in RdK appointment

Curacao Government CenterWILLEMSTAD - The turmoil within the coalition continues to grow. The most recent development is that Prime Minister Ivar Asjes of the Pueblo Soberano is accusing one of the candidates for the position of Director of the Curacao Refinery, Roderick to have committed resume fraud. This is evident from a letter from the Prime Minister to his Cabinet. This letter was leaked to the press.

At the same time another letter surfaced showing that the Bureau Supervision and Standardization Government Entities (SBTNO) would have voted against the appointment of the Prime Minister’s candidate, José van der Wal-Arnemann. The Bureau has serious objections against the appointment of the Prime Minister’s candidate. The lack of appropriate justification and documentation would be the reason for their objection against this candidate.

In recent weeks, there has been disagreement in the coalition because the coalition partner PAIS, headed by Alex Rosaria MP, wantedAsjes to appoint Mr. Van Kwartel as the new director of the public company Curacao Refinery (Refineria di Korsou) (RdK), but could not muster the majority of the Council of Ministers to stand behind his choice. The choice of Rosaria’s party would be based on the outcome of the assessment proving that Van Kwartel is the better candidate for the job. PAIS fears that Van der Wal- Arnemann, like his predecessor, will turn out to be too under-qualified for the position. According to Rosaria now is the time to appoint someone who can lead the company into a new agreement with the Venezuelan oil company PDVSA.

Van Kwartel withdrew his candidacy for the position last night stating that he will not be part of a smear campaign against his own reputation.

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