Published On: Thu, Jun 11th, 2015

Oil refinery: “Several problems with cat cracker”

oil refinery flaringWILLEMSTAD – Today there were still problems with the flaring of the oil refinery Isla, although they’ve sent a press release indicating that the cat cracker has been put on the backburner to minimize the nuisance.

It is very clear that with all the flames and plumes of black smoke in recent days that there are problems at the refinery.

The Isla, which today was not available for further explanations, explains in the press release that it involves various problems. Last Monday, a part of the cat cracker installation was turned off due to unforeseen maintenance.

It was predictable that this would mean several days of flaring. Isla did indicate that they have informed the relevant ministry, Public Health, Nature and Environment, about this. The population was not informed though.

The Isla then took steps to reduce the amount of gas (a combination of propane and butane), to minimize the flaring to reduce smoke and noise, according to the press release.

The work was completed yesterday at five thirty in the morning and this has stopped the flaring, says Isla. Then they announced another problem. The so called wet gas compressor of the cat cracker fell out. This caused the flaring and black smoke of today.

As mentioned, the cat cracker is put on the back burner. Isla is investigating the problem with the wet gas compressor to see if they have to repair it.

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