Published On: Sat, Sep 24th, 2016

Open letter Chairman AVA Airways to Minister of Traffic and Transportation

ArrindellWILLEMSTAD – Recently the Chairman of AVA Airways, Olivier Arrindell sent a letter to the Minister in charge of civil aviation, Suzanne Camelia Römer in which he indicated that it has been well over four months that the Minister had to cancel the hearing of appeals requested by the company. AVA Airways is still waiting for the so-called aviation economic permit, which was rejected by the Minister.

“As you know you had to cancel the said hearing, due to the fact that you had neglected and, thereafter, i.e. after you were referred to section 33 paragraph 3 of the Ordinance on administration justice, obstinately refused to comply with the law and submit a copy of the documents on which you publicly pretended to have relied to refuse the economic permits which were requested by AVA Airways. As you know you publicly alleged that you had some supposed advice by the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten and some forensic report that AVA Airways had filed some forged or falsified documents. Although AVA Airways has repeatedly requested the submission of these documents, which, allegedly, i.e. according to you, justify your noncompliance with your obligation pursuant the legislation on aviation, you refused this and thereby also committed an infringement on the law on administrative justice. AVA Airways, of course, regrets that it has had to deal with a minister such as you until now,” said the Chairmen in his letter.

The Chairman of the airline continued further saying that considering that Camelia-Römer’s term, as present minister of Curaçao, responsible for traffic and transport and, therefore, also aviation, is ending within short and AVA Airways wishes that transparency is served in this matter, AVA Airways requests that she takes her legally prescribed responsibility for her tenure and that she submit the repeatedly requested documents before she leaves office in her present function.

“AVA Airways stresses that it does not wish to be misunderstood in its requests that all the documents, on which you pretend to have relied in order to refuse its requests of the economic permits be submitted. Please also include your comments on the matter of the instructions not to grant AVA Airways any permits, which were given to you by InselAir in the e-mails, which have also been published. AVA Airways does not want to see that you leave behind your responsibility to whoever will take office in your present function following the elections of September 30, 2016.”

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