Published On: Tue, Nov 4th, 2014

PAIS about Marvelyne Wiels: “This cannot continue any longer”

Marvelyne-Wiels-2014-61WILLEMSTAD – The leader of the coalition party, Alex Rosaria responds furiously at the report from the government accountant’s bureau SOAB on the Curaçao House, which is the representation of the island in The Hague. The report indicates that procedural rules have not been observed in the Curaçao House since 2013.

“This cannot continue any longer!” The Minister Plenipotentiary Marvelyne Wiels does not follow the rules and procedures. It causes damage to this government and our island.”

In May this year, PAIS requested an investigation into the ins and outs of Wiels in the Curaçao House. In a letter dated October 16, Rosaria asked the government what the progress was on the various investigations being performed by the SOAB at that time.

During a press conference of his party Rosaria said that if Wiels been a member of his party, the party would have asked her to resign a long time ago. Rosaria repeated this statement today.

"Every time something happens again. It cannot continue like this. We will discuss this with our coalition partner Pueblo Soberano and tell them that their minister is causing a lot of damage to the cabinet and our island.”

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