Published On: Tue, Nov 18th, 2014

PAIS: “Those guilty in state lottery embezzlement should repay”

lotteryWILLEMSTAD - Political party PAIS strongly supports its Minister of Economic Development, Stanley Palm, and his decision to carry out an investigation at the Fundashon Wega di Number Kòrsou (FWNK, Curaçao State Lottery) which is responsible for the daily number draw. The party also hopes that civil lawsuits will follow and prosecution to those who have embezzled money, forcing them to pay the money back.

The coalition party reacts with disgust to the report. PAIS believes that this is another example of poor policy whereby large sums of public money is squandered. This is also the survival of the foundation and everyone who depends on the daily draw for their income, which is now at risk.

PAIS wants those responsible for the mismanagement at FWNK, which is now on the verge of bankruptcy, to be dealt with harshly. The party points to the fact that in 2010, board members were taking turns being directors of the foundation and received a fat paycheck.

For PAIS now it is important to get things in FWNK back on track.

Government accountant’s bureau SOAB has encountered many irregularities in the financial administration. Many tenders and contracts are missing and there are no reliable figures for years 2011 and 2012. There are hundreds of thousands of dollars paid for legal assistance and administrative offices while the financial administration was subpar.

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