Published On: Thu, Apr 4th, 2013

PAIS: When will we make a decision on the monetary union between Curacao and Sint Maarten?

Alex RosariaWILLEMSTAD - What are we waiting for to make a decision on the monetary union with Sint Maarten? This was asked by leader of the PAIS faction in Parliament, Alex Rosaria to the Minister of Finance in a recent letter. This question came after the Social Economic council of Sint Maarten advised the Government of Sint Maarten to leave the monetary union with Curacao.

For Rosaria it is incredible how in 2006 Curacao agreed on a monetary union which was never based on economic rationalization. More incredible is that efforts were never made to make it work.

“I’m convinced, as I have been saying consistently, that a monetary union with Sint Maarten does not make any type of economic sense and it only stands in our way of development. What really bothers me is that we are not pro active and are not taking any kind of initiative to either get out of this monetary union or at least make some serious effort to, notwithstanding the financial situation, try to save it. It seems as though we are in a lethargic sleep and prefer that others make that decision for us,” Rosaria stated.

Rosaria does not want us to depend on decisions made in Philipsburg, but for us to assume responsibility for the monetary union. Curacao, based on its own interest, must indicate what the destiny of the monetary union should be. Curacao represents about 75% of this union with Sint Maarten.


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