Published On: Tue, Oct 28th, 2014

Parliament adopts reparation law on basic health insurance

ParliamentWILLEMSTAD - The parliament has adopted a reparation law on the basic health insurance. According to Minister Ben Whiteman of Health, Environment and Nature, the funds for the basic health insurance are in very poor state. The government expects a large deficit at the end of this year.

The Minister of Health calls the situation alarming. According to Whiteman, only an economic growth should provide a solution to this dire situation. There was even a motion presented by the political parties Pueblo Soberano (PS), PNP, PAIS and Independent MP Sulvaran, which states public health is an important responsibility of the government to its people. Economic growth and labor policy, whereby more jobs are created to contribute to the funds, are necessary. The motion also indicates that the introduction of the basic health insurance law financially affects a group of pensioners. The necessity for accessible and high quality health care for the community requires great financial efforts from everyone based on the principle of solidarity. Taking all this into account it is decided to urge the government to continue with the investments of 2014-2016 and create economic growth and jobs. The government must continue to focus on repairing and stimulating the economy, labor policy and the creation of more jobs, according to the motion presented by the coalition members.

Minister Whiteman called the situation alarming. He said that economic growth would provide the only solution. "After the reparation, there are no other alternatives more," said the minister.

The motion was also adopted with 13 votes for and 3 against.

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