Published On: Tue, Apr 29th, 2014

Parliament wants solution waiting list

Curacao ParliamentWILLEMSTAD - Various Members of Parliament expressed their concern about the long waiting lists for specialist care here in Curacao. The eyesore for the MPs is the waiting for ophthalmologists and urologists.

The MPs expressed concern during a Central Committee meeting in which they discussed the risk of not having a Public Health Inspector in Curacao.

Charles Cooper (MAN) asked during his speech if an inspector could do something against the long waiting lists in Curacao. He described the fact that patients sometimes have to wait for four months for an appointment with a specialist as unacceptable. According to Cooper a waiting period of four months has almost become normal for an appointment with an eye doctor or a urologist. He asked the Minister of Health, Environment and Agriculture, Bernard 'Ben' Whitemanto give the waiting lists of the various specialists an overview.

We would like to compare ourselves with the United States and the Netherlands, but how can we do this if our patients have to wait for months for an appointment. What can be the inspector to do here?” the MAN MP asked.

Also the PAIS MP Marilyn Moses wanted to know from the Minister what the inspector will be able to do against the long waiting lists. Moses said that some patients, because of the long waiting list, now hear from their specialists that they cannot get an appointment and that they should contact their house doctor again.

PS MP Elmer Kadè Wilsoe stated in turn that if someone has to wait three to six months for an emergency appointment, then they don’t need a medical specialist but a mortician.

Wilsoe also wanted to know from his party colleague; Minister Whiteman whether an embargo exists for the establishment of more specialists on the island, or if more specialists will bring higher rates along with it.

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