Published On: Thu, Aug 18th, 2016

Pre-election round for political parties with no representation in parliament

WILLEMSTAD -  All persons who are eligible to vote will have the opportunity on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 of August 2016, between 8 am and 8 pm to support one of the 15 political parties that do not have representation in parliament for them to be able to participate in the upcoming elections.

Article 16 subsection 1 of the Electoral Ordinance (A.B. 2010 # 87) stipulates that to be able to participate in the elections, each candidates’ list, with the exception of those that have representation in parliament, must go through a pre-election round and receive the equivalent of 1% of the valid votes emitted in the last parliamentary election.

In the last parliamentary election there were 86,971 valid votes. This means that each political group that doesn’t have representation in parliament must receive the support of at least 870 voter to be able to participate in the elections of September 30 this year.

The Supreme Electoral Council (SEC) wants to bring the following to the attention of the voters.

  1. 15 parties will participate in the pre-election round;
  2. On the pre-election ballot there are the names of the lists and the first candidate of each list. The lists are numbered 1 to 15;
  3. Voters must have a valid I.D., drivers license or passport to identify themselves;
  4. Once the voter is in the voting booth it is the same as a normal election;
  5. Take the ballot to the voting booth to support one list (party);
  6. Use the red pencil to fill the small circle on the left of the name of the list that you want to support. You can only support one list;
  7. Writing or drawing on the ballot or put any kind of message will automatically make it invalid;
  8. If you make a mistake, return the ballot to the chair(wo)man of the voting station and request a new one. This can only happen once;
  9. Fold the ballot and deposit it in the box.

The voting stations for this coming weekend will be at Kranshi Otrabanda / Brievengat Community Center / Montaña Community Center / Santa Maria Community Center / Tera Cora Community Center. Prisoners can vote at the detention center.

Click on the link below for a sample ballot

Sample ballot pre_election 2016

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