Published On: Mon, Nov 16th, 2015

Press release from the Office of the Governor

GovernorWILLEMSTAD - On Monday, November 16th, Minister-President Whiteman brought a report to the Governor of his information activities.

In addition, he has provided a statement from the party Pueblo Soberano, PAIS, PAR, PNP and the independent States member Sulvaran, in which they declare their willingness to come to the formation of a government that is supported by a broad majority in parliament.

In addition, he reported that there is an agreement on the division of responsibilities within the new cabinet and a list of concerns that need to be resolved for the development of a new coalition.

In response, the Governor requested the Prime Minister Whiteman to submit as formateur, the composition of a cabinet on the basis of such agreements. The Governor has also requested to inform her about the progress of the formation and to issue an interim report on Friday, November 20th.

Finally, the Governor pointed out the integrity Ordinance (candidate) ministers (PB 2012, No. 66) and requested to ensure that this arrangement is observed.

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