Published On: Wed, Feb 10th, 2016

Prime Minister: “MDPT only focuses on modernization Isla refinery

WhitemanWILLEMSTAD - The dual policy of the Ecorys report will no longer be followed, the Multidisciplinary Project Team (MDPT) focuses only on the modernization of the Isla refinery.

The Prime Minister of Curaçao Dr. Ben Whiteman made this statement in a recent radio interview.  According to the political leader of the PAIS party, Alex Rosaria, there can be no question about this because there is a mandate of the parliament to consider the redevelopment of the Isla-terrain.

The Ecorys report from 2012 recommends that, in addition to the modernization of the oil refinery, the government should explore the opportunities for redevelopment of the Isla grounds in the event of closure. The latter path is no longer followed according to the Premier, now they are only working on keeping the refinery open.

Whiteman reported that next month and in any case during the first half of this year, the government will start with a public tender for the refinery. It is switching from fossil fuels to Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), which is much cleaner, and what triggers an explosion in employment and that trainings and re-trainings are involved. “Through this conversion we decrease emissions by 80 percent. The rest can be handled so that there is almost nothing goes into the air,” said the Prime Minister.

In response Rosaria said to be surprised by the statements of the Prime Minister. “There is a mandate from parliament to investigate the possibilities for redevelopments in case of a closure of the refinery. I know the MDPT is still investigating this and they were never ordered to stop. I spoke with them recently and they told me that the work continues,” said Rosaria.

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