Published On: Thu, Apr 18th, 2013

Pueblo Soberano in a meeting with VBC: ‘We have to increase sales tax’

WillemstadWILLEMSTAD – The political party Pueblo Soberano (PS) headed by Helmin Wiels insists that there is no other alternative. The sales tax adjustment and the introduction of a differentiation in the tariffs must continue, notwithstanding the growing opposition against the new measures. During these last days, not only the opposition parties but also different interest groups in the society have called for a suspension of the measures.

Two of those interest groups which oppose the measure are the Chamber of Commerce and the Curacao Business Association (VBC). VBC has asked Parliament, in an official letter, to postpone the public meeting scheduled for Friday. In this meeting, Parliament will discuss and eventually accept or reject the proposed increase in sales tax on luxury products.

VBC has met with the PS on the issue of sales tax. The PS leader Helmin Wiels, members of Parliamenr for the PS, Ivar Asjes  and Elmer Wilsoe were present. Wiels stated during the meeting that there is an agreement within the coalition that this increase will take place. They cannot change anything, according to Wiels.

VBC insists that this increase is not good for the economy. Furthermore, it will become difficult to control. VBC also stated that they have alternatives to this measure. VBC also asked the members of Parliament how they Government will stimulate the economy. According to the organization, the community has not seen an impulse in the economy as yet.

The parliament meeting is scheduled to start on Friday April 19 at 9 o’clock am. Apparently there is a group preparing to protest the increase in sales tax.

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