Published On: Tue, Oct 15th, 2013

PWFC and APRI negotiating with the Council of Ministers

Employees islaWILLEMSTAD - The PWFC and APRI, unions representing the Isla refinery are currently sitting at table with the Council of Ministers. This morning, the unions were received at Fort Amsterdam to negotiate the employees’ involvement in the modernization of the refinery. Four members of the Surinamese State Oil Company were also present at the negotiations and are supporting the local unions.

"It's the normal thing nowadays that employees have representation in a committee that is about to bring changes to their work place," said leader of the APRI union, Cornelio Bouis. "For us it is a matter of principle. The government intends to negotiate with multiple parties simultaneously, while we have been working for 28 years with Venezuelan state company PdVSA.”

According Bouis, the government can give a time limit to PDVSA. "Before you know it is 2019. Propose to PdVSA to draw a plan together with the unions within six months. If that fails than you as a government can move on. And that is precisely what we suggest." The government's contract with state oil company PdVSA expires in 2019.

Bouis does not understand what the problem is and says the government is creating various complicated situations.  "I think the solution is very easy." The atmosphere among the staff, according to the union leader, is still under control. "But the people have had enough of this situation. We have here on the island a national sport, it is called procrastination. Something must happen now. Again, 2019 is sooner than we think. We should have been working already instead of talking about putting together a team. That is my opinion,” according to the union leader.

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