Published On: Tue, Aug 5th, 2014

Rip: “There can be no question of inadmissibility”

RipWILLEMSTAD – “There can be no question of inadmissibility for the Public Prosecutor (OM).” This is according to the public prosecutor, Gert Rip in response to the plea made by Olga Saleh-Kostrzewski, who is Elvis K.’s legal representative. “No deals were made, only certain arrangements,” Rip insisted in his reaction to Mrs. Saleh-Kostrzewski’s plea during the treatment of the case Magnus.

Prosecutor Rip indicated that he has not made any deals with K., he only made arrangements to transfer him to the Netherlands. This was not a reward for his confession, but it was for his own safety.

Rip was very short on the testimony. “Putting pressure on witnesses is permitted. That's normal,” the prosecutor said. “We didn’t show any sexually explicit photo to K.’s wife.” In addition, he claims that Monika B., Romney and Mona Lisa did not receive any money for making an incriminating statement. “Well, they've got money to pay their expenses,” Rip said. “Curacao was not safe for them. This also applies to K. Thus, tickets and rent were paid. K. received 187.58 guilders for clothes because he had to travel to the Netherlands unnoticed and nothing could be picked up at his house. Was he paid with this? Of course not!”

Both K. and his lawyer remained persevering. K. was quiet for a long time. Then follows his reaction to the Rip’s allegations: “You say that I have a fair trial, but I have proof that people have indeed received money,” K said. After that brief statement he didn’t say much more. He just wanted permission to spend some time with his mother.

The hearing continues tomorrow. Carlos P. and Dangelo D. will appear before the Court.

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