Published On: Fri, Jan 18th, 2013

Rosaria: Schotte’s Government had signed 133 contracts costing us 1.5 million per month

WILLEMSTAD –The Budget being treated these days is to change the direction of the country, a change from the disastrous direction it was heading. In the budget not all aspects of the Government’s policy is reflected, but we will wait till the Government brings clarity to this. But the goal cannot be lost. The goal is to change the direction of a disastrous course the country was heading to. This is according to the member of Parliament for the political party PAIS, Alex Rosaria, during the 2013 budget meeting in Parliament.

The former course was characterized by people with additional agenda, with personal interest and not that of the people. According to Rosaria, the Government Schotte had lied to the people about a surplus, they said that boats will come with fruits at lower cost; they also said that when the Kingdom Council of Minister gave the financial instruction that it was only a support for the government; they said that they didn’t borrow money which was not true because they did borrow 1.7 billion guilders. This is why Rosaria states that the country needs to change the direction its heading. A course that will position Curacao as a strong country in the world, and the people of Curacao as a strong people.

According to Rosaria, the MFK faction in Parliament constantly asks why the Committee for Financial Supervision (Cft) didn’t trust them when they were in Government and now they trust the new Government. They also ask why the banks did not want to invest during their time and are now considering this. According to Rosaria, it was as if MFK was expressing doubt in their own financial policy when they presented a motion of no confidence against their own Minister of Finance George Jamaloodin. This is why the banks and Cft did not trust them. If they didn’t trust their Minister, how could others trust him. The answer is simple: their financial policy was disastrous.

“In the current situation we are contemplating austerity measures. No one wants to do this of course, but it is something we have to do to repair what went wrong in the past. There is even a report that proves that since 10-10-10 the Government signed 133 contracts for car and office lease and consultants. Some of them are for a three year period. These contracts are costing the people of Curacao about 1.5 million guilders per month. If you quantify this for the coming three years than you can see the disastrous financial policy of the former Government which we have to fix now,” according to Alex Rosaria.

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