Published On: Mon, Dec 29th, 2014

Safety measures during fireworks period

vuurwerk-Curacao-Punda1WILLEMSTAD - Fireworks period started on Saturday and will officially end on  December 31. For this reason the police calls on the population to take appropriate safety measures. In the event of an accident, it is necessary to call the emergency line 911.

One should first check if the fireworks are in good condition. Furthermore, it is not recommended to light them if the package was obviously replaced by another. It is also good to always ask for instructions to light them safely.

Choose a suitable location, such as an open area that is flat and hard, away from homes and other buildings and parked vehicles. It is very important not to light any fireworks within 500 meters of the place where a fireworks container stands or from the airport or the oil refinery.

Nor within a radius of 250 meters from a medical institution or church. Never light fireworks with matches or a lighter, and keep it far enough from the body.

Never aim fireworks at people or animals. Do not let children under twelve light fireworks. Children between twelve and eighteen must always be supervised by an adult.

Do not drink alcohol while lighting fireworks. Do not light old fireworks. If a fireworks did not go off, one must leave it for a long time. It contains explosives that can still explode. Do not light it again under any circumstances, because most accidents happen that way.

One should not try to make a different kind of explosive of the fireworks.

The pets must be protected from the noise. Pets can better be locked in a dark room with plenty of ventilation or you can ask the vet for a sedative.

Furthermore, one must keep a distance at fireworks shows. Motorists and pedestrians are also urged not to impede traffic during fireworks shows, by parking or standing in the middle of the street.

When finished, everything should be cleaned up. In a fire accident, the fireplace must immediately be cooled with lukewarm water, if necessary, one should go to the clinic for medical treatment.

As every year there is also a danger that mailboxes are destroyed. The police therefore calls on everyone to put away their trash bins and mailboxes, and also calls on parents to pay more attention to the behavior of their children and to remind them that other people's stuff should be respected.

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