Published On: Wed, Oct 30th, 2013

Sandton Kura Hulanda becomes Lodge Kura Hulanda

LodgeWILLEMSTAD - Sandton Kura Hulanda & Spa Banda Bou is going to change its name. From today a new management took over the helm. This has brought a change in the name which became Lodge Kura Hulanda. Jeanette Bonet (former Sunscape Hotel general manager) was asked yesterday by the lodge to act as general manager.

At 11.00, the current staff was informed about the state of affairs. Bonet has announced that they will be offered new contracts. "We want to do everything to maintain everybody here in permanent employment.  The hotel should do well again and we are going for it,” according to Bonet.

The Giro Bank and Economic Development Bank have also given their approval this morning for the restart. "Also Aqualectra, UTS, security services and Laundry Company which cares for all the linen, will stay and have given us confidence." When everything is in order, the management will see if it is possible to offer a job to workers who last Friday lost their jobs at Sandton Kura Hulanda & Spa in Otrabanda.

The staff at Banda Bou will get from the new management a gift because they can no longer receive a salary this month from Sandton. "The workers will get 500 guilders and the supervisors 750 guilders," says Bonet.

By Aruna Jhagru

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