Published On: Mon, Feb 4th, 2013

Schotte’s government has signed 133 contracts: 1.4 million per month

WILLEMSTAD – When Cabinet Schotte was formed they signed 133 contracts costing Curacao 1.4 million guilders per month. According to investigation from the Government Accountants they have encountered 46 lease contracts from various Government Ministries.

Many of these contracts have as starting date October 10, 2010 which is when Schotte and his other ministers were installed. Many of these contracts have a duration of 3 years and cannot be stopped before their expiration date.  In some of these contracts there are even clauses included that talks about sanctions if the contracts are terminated before the expiration date. For many of these contracts there are no payment processed through the financial administration, which means that if the Government is creating more debt. Next to these building lease contracts there are more monthly payments to building leases without any contracts. The costs of these are 613.506 guilders per month.

Contracts are for the leasing of The Safety Zone, Saliña Properties, Krebbers Associates, Deloitte & Touche Curacao. The total sum the Government has to pay for these contracts are 105,950.38 guilders per month. But these contracts will be terminated which means a cost reduction for the Government. This is important because the total costs of lease is 10.2 million guilders per year for the Government.

There are a total of 22 contracts for vehicle leasing (33 vehicle shared under different Government Ministries). These represent a total of 56,295.- per month (675,540.- per year).

There is a total of 59 lease contracts for copier machine, printers, fax, scanners for the different Government Ministries. Some of these Ministries are not using these machines because they concluded that buying their own is better than lease. The Government has to pay 109,041.- per month (1.3 million per year).

There are 50 other contracts that resort under different categories, that represents a total of 414,773.- per month (4.9 million per year) and the great majority are contracts with security companies, cleaning and maintenance. There is also a contract with Speedy Security which ends on May 31, 2013. This means a cost reduction of 42,250.- per month.

According to the Government Accounts Department, from the analysis, it can be concluded that there are 133 contracts representing a total of 1,478, 701.- per month. The majority of these contracts are for 3 years and cannot be terminated earlier than the expiration date.

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