Published On: Tue, Jun 2nd, 2015

Shopkeepers tired of nuisance construction new hospital

HNO-ColonWILLEMSTAD – Shopkeepers in Colon are tired of the nuisances caused by the construction of the new hospital in Otrabanda. Through their lawyer Olga Saleh-Kostrzewski, indicated that they will take legal steps against the government if their situation does not change.

Many of those who operate a business or retail store in the shopping center Colon are suffering great inconvenience by the activities surrounding the construction of the new hospital and the closure of parking lots and roads.

There are also works, and road closures taking place with the shopkeepers being informed beforehand. As a result, these shopkeepers are suffering serious damages. They have seen a drastic decline in their sales and profits.

Attempts to get in contact with the government in order to come to a solution to these problems, have led to nothing. In addition, the government is not only the direct or the indirect customer of the construction of the hospital, but also the landlord of these shopkeepers as the mall is owned by the government.

Not long before the construction of the hospital, the government bought the Colon Shopping center.

There are many changes occurring around the shopping center while the shopkeepers’ cries to stop this remain unanswered. According to these shopkeepers, the government has completely ignored them. No one is listening to them, according to the lawyer.

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