Published On: Wed, Oct 16th, 2013

The brief history of the tanker with narco-torpedos who passed through Curacao

Delta LagunaWILLEMSTAD - The French and Dutch police have dismantled a trafficking ring that used to transport cocaine torpedoes. The torpedoes were hidden in cargo coming from South America which docked in the largest European port, where other criminals recovered those using diving equipments.

On April 2013 police arrested three French divers who were preparing to dive under a French freighter in Rotterdam. The vessel transported, attached to the hull, a missile-shaped container which inside was found 101 kg of pure cocaine.

The Judicial Police Director of Nice, which coordinated the undercover operation to dismantle the band, described the clever technique they used, hitherto unknown in Europe, as "something worthy of James Bond."

Agents of the Narcotics Unit first detected network operations in June 2012, when the Port Police caught four divers, underwater propulsion vehicle included - which surprisingly were diving at midnight in sewage filled with bitumen, in Fos -sur- Mer , a major oil port on the French Mediterranean coast.

Police discovered a metal support attached to the hull of the Dutch freighter Delta Laguna, who came from Venezuela and had made a stop in Curacao. The support housing a rusty metal tube torpedo shaped, 2.5 m long, containing 101 kg of cocaine which on the street would have acquired a value of 7 million Euros.

There have been nine more arrested in France, two in Corsica, five in Nice, one in Marseille and one in Toulouse. Also found were weapons and a workshop to refine cocaine. In total, five people will face a formal investigation for drug trafficking.

The Anti-Narcotics Force of Colombia and Peru had already warned three years ago that he was using this technique torpedoes.

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