Published On: Mon, Dec 17th, 2012

Three dead after fire work explosion

WILLEMSTAD – On Saturday December 15, 2012 around 14:46, local authorities have received a call that there was an explosion in the fire work warehouse located at Seru Loraweg and that there are wounded people. Immediately the police dispatched units to the location.

At the scene authorities found the aforementioned building and three vehicles burning and with various wounded people laying around. It was also noted that the building next to the warehouse was on fire. Next to the warehouse there were also containers filled with fireworks.

After a preliminary investigation authorities have come to know that before the explosion there were a few people in the warehouse for cleaning and to get rid of old firework. Suddenly those around the warehouse heard an explosion which destroyed the warehouse completely. Most of the victims tried to run, some with serious wounds.

Immediately paramedics and the police started mobilizing and got there as soon as possible to give assistance to the victims and also to extinguish the blaze of fire. Victims were transported with ambulance and also one private vehicle.

Continuing with the investigation, one body was found on the premises were the warehouse was. The victim was identified as:

Eldrich Rignald Christiaan Renfurm, born in Curacao on February 28, 1957.

Seven more people were brought to the emergency unit at the hospital for treatment. Of those seven, three were able to go home and four were interned at the hospital. Of those four, two were in grave danger and one was in serious condition.

On Saturday December 15 around 18:45 local time, the hospital informed local authorities that one of the victims succumbed to his injuries. The victim was identified as

Nicky Newton Emerenciana, born in Curacao on October 2, 1971.

Sunday December 16 around 06:25, the hospital informed the polis that a third victim has passed away. He was identified as:

Runyeon Thurmon Reinita, born in Curacao on December 17, 1988. (he would have been 24 today).

The area has been closed for public till the late that evening. Seru Loraweg is open now for public but the area were the warehouse was located is hermetically closed for investigations.

Authorities urge those who have more information on this case, if they saw or heard anything to please contact them at 866-6124/8666-119/ 8666-221, 911 or 108 for anonymous tips. These numbers are also available for those who have suffered material damages.

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