Published On: Fri, Jan 30th, 2015

Update: Crashed plane carried 400 packages of drugs

Aruba policeORANJESTAD - The small plane, which was downed by Venezuelan warplanes and crashed into the sea right off the coast of Aruba, had 400 packets of drugs the size of an A-4 format. A part of this load was tested and it proved to be cocaine. Presumably all these packages were cocaine.

This was an American registered plane, of which the destination is still unknown. The destination was certainly not Aruba. There were body parts recovered from the victims of the crash, but the number of victims is not yet clear. Coast Guard Aruba has since recovered most of the wreckage, but they are still searching for more debris of the aircraft.

This information is based on information received from NoticiaCla Aruba following the press conference by Aruban authorities today.

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