Published On: Fri, Dec 20th, 2013

Van der Horst: ‘Government must cut 50 million in employees’ costs’

Minister van der HorstWILLEMSTAD - The government wants to cut 130 million guilders from its budget. According to Minister Etienne van der Horst everyone should economize and so must the government. The Minister indicated that the government has prepared a plan for the adjustment of the fringe benefits of civil servants. With this plan, the government will reduce its employees’ costs with 50 million guilders in 4 years.

The plan has been drawn up in 2012 during the interim government of Stanley Betrian. The Minister wants to reduce the cost structure. That also means that some salaries will be reduced.

However, the seven government unions do not agree with these plans. The unions say they do not have all the information and demand an explanation from the government. Minister Van der Horst wanted to implement this austerity plan on January 1 of next year. “It won’t be possible to implement our plans because we have to wait on the negotiations with the unions,” Van der Horst said. “Because of the stagnation we have to ‘fish from other lakes’ to compensate for the difference. Chances are that this will affect the pension fund.”

Last week, government employees and unions gathered for an information meeting. Here it was clear that they do not agree with the cuts.

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