Published On: Fri, May 3rd, 2013

Wiels: ‘UTS involved with illegal sales of lottery’

UTS/Robbie'sWILLEMSTAD - Party Leader of Pueblo Soberano (PS) Helmin Wiels will denounce abuses at telecommunication company UTS. This was confirmed by Wiels in an interview with the Dutch news site According to him, UTS is involved in illegal sales of lottery.

According to Wiels, UTS lends itself to Robbie’s Lottery to illegally sell lottery numbers through its GSM network. "A customer buys credit and the credit will be transformed into cash, which ends up in a bank account in St. Maarten under the name of Radcom Incorporated". This is what Wiels declared to He claims to have sufficient documents to prove of his allegations.


"In the lottery decree it states who, how, when, how much and under what conditions a person may sell lottery. UTS sells lottery without a license. A sly offshore structure is converted into cash credit. I have tons of about his,” Wiels noted.


The party leader finds it unacceptable that the public company, UTS,  sells lottery through the SMS system . "Other vendors who have a permit, have asked the government in the past to be allowed to sell via SMS. They received a negative response from the government. " One of the reasons was that minors could also participate in the lottery. Now it appears that it is possible. "It is a total abuse," says Wiels.

Cash Flow

To top it off, Curaçao sees nothing back from the lottery sales. About 2.5 million guilders goes abroad per month. Supervision is not there. Wiels: "I'm surprised. If you transfer money abroad, you must submit a quarterly summary to the Central Bank. That is not happening. "


initially Wiels wants a clarification. Is he thinking about filing a complaint? "Once I get the answers, I'm going to evaluate, assess and possibly file a complaint", announces Wiels. Wiels will send a letter to the Ministers Nelson Navarro (Justice), Earl Balborda (Traffic & Transport), Steven Martina (Economic Development), Jose Jardim (Finance), with a copy to the Public Prosecution Office (OM) and the Department of Telecommunications, Post & Utilities (EDP & U).

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