Published On: Mon, May 25th, 2015

Adriaens: “Take drugs out from criminal sphere, legalize it”

Maurice AdriaensWILLEMSTAD – “You have to actually legalize drugs.” This is according to Maurice Adriaens, Director of the Curaçao Airport Holding. Adriaens heard at the end of February that his contract was not renewed.

According to Adriaens, drugs not different from alcohol or cigarettes. This is why it should be removed from the criminal sphere.

“We sit between South America and Europe, between supply and demand.” Legalization would provide solutions, he says. “In this way, the pressure is removed and the money can be spent on informing the youth and the people.”

According to Adriaens talks should be held between the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Justice Curacao. “Together, the two countries can reach a solution in the debate of Eindhoven Airport.” Curaçao would be willing to invest in it. “The flights from Eindhoven are important for our tourism development and attraction of the German market,” says Adriaens.

Asked whether drug mules are not arrested, he replies: "No, that are indeed arrested. There are cases where we let them go in cooperation with the Netherlands, because the focus is on the bigger “fish” and not on the small couriers. We want the big boys!”

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