Published On: Mon, Sep 24th, 2012

Ads Frente Sivil destroyed again

WILLEMSTAD - The ad signs from Fundashon Frente Sivil (Civil Front), which are at different places along the way, were destroyed this weekend. "The constant destruction of property and messages that are not to the liking of some political parties is to us a non-democratic act," says the foundation.

Frente Sivil has been campaigning against the current government. One of the ways the foundation uses is large advertising signs along the way in which different messages are dealing with the way the current government rules the country.

Lights off
But the destruction of the signs is not the only problem which Frente Sivil is facing. According to the a local newspaper Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte has personally made sure that the ad signs of Frente Sivil do not get light from Aqualectra. The foundation has paid for the lights already, if it appears that the demissionary prime minister indeed has ordered the lights to be switched off, then they will get legal assistance.

The messages are among others at the pump station Biesheuvel, Seru Loraweg at Skerpene, Gosieweg, Intersection Venezuelaweg / Rooseveltweg, on the road to Banda Bou at California Supermarket and Parera at the pump station.

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